Recruiter Solutions

Global Approach

We at AlmaBay Consultants truly believe in the interconectivity of people and conpanies across the globe. Our infrastructure helps us provide solutions to our clients that start in one region, but leads to a wider solution applicable in different situations.


With our programme, your organisation can be assured of value-based streamlining of core activities with most of the HR functions being managed by us, thus, improving overall efficiency. Our clients have seen high percentage reductions in cycle time, early turnover, average reducing cots and business efort in the hiring process.

End to end recruitment

Our decicated team of recruitment advocates and consultants ensure that you get the best talent through precisely monitored logistics, and in the process, providing you a platform where all positions in your organisation are filled up without much delay.

Candidate sourcing solutions

Being a core part of our recruitment solutions, candidate sourcing solutions provide the top talent through the following means: Market research and analytics, social media and diversity strategies, postings and ad placement, database miniand and resume screning, pipeline creation and management, outbound email and calling campaigns

Candidate assessment and selection

AlmaBay Consultants’ validated pre-employment testing are proven to: Improve on-the-job and trainig performance, Decrease turnover, Identify candidates with required “select for” skills, Pin-point “gems” in a large candidate pool, Reduce costs associalted with poor-selection decisions, Improve on-the-job safety behavior.

Point recruitment solutions

We also offer more targeted solutions that address the major challenges of candidate sourcing, candidate assessment and selection, recruitment administration support, and recruitment technology.