Terms of use

ALMABAY, the online community for all institutes alumni, comprises a suite of online services provided to facilitate communication both among individual members and between the alumni community. All alumni information is strictly reserved for use by individual alumni and for personal and University-related purposes only. Certain event programming and functionality of this website may be restricted to some or all members of the alumni community. Membership definitions are as follows:

  • Alumni (AL) – An alumnus/alumna is defined as an individual who has received a degree from their respective school /colleges.
  • Student (SM) – Student Member is defined as an individual who has not earned a degree yet but has enrolled in a degree program.

I. Policy and Guidelines for Proper Use

To safeguard the operation of ALMABAY we has adopted some basic guidelines and policies to govern proper use and conduct, particularly conduct that occurs in an online environment. Users of ALMABAY must abide by the following specific Policies and guidelines:

A. You may download or copy any downloadable materials displayed on ALMABAY.com for home, non-commercial and personal use only; provided, however, that you maintain all copyright, trademark and other notices contained in such material and you agree to abide by all additional copyright notices or restrictions contained in any material accessed through ALMABAY.com. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, republishing, uploading, downloading, posting, transmitting or duplicating of any of the material is prohibited.

B. Information available through ALMABAY may be used for personal and University-approved purposes only. Use of information or communications available through ALMABAY.com for any commercial, public or political purposes is strictly prohibited.

Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to:

(1) activities that are illegal or fraudulent;

(2) use

(3) print or electronic mass mailings (sometimes known as 'spamming'), solicitations for commercial services, or cold-calling.

Posting of obscene or vulgar materials or use of obscene or vulgar language, or use of abusive, defamatory, profane, or threatening language of any kind, will constitute a violation of these policies governing the use of ALMABAY.COM. Determination of whether specific postings violate these policies shall be at the sole discretion of Management. Users shall also not upload, transmit, distribute or otherwise publish any materials containing a virus or any other harmful component. AlmaBay may deny further access to these services to those who engage in these or similar practices. These terms also apply to any message boards and class notes functionality, which are provided by alumni as another means of alumni communication.

C. User accounts may not be shared, transferred, or sold to other parties, nor are they to be used by or made available to any person or entity except the registered alumni user. Additionally, users shall not restrict nor inhibit any other user from enjoying any service on almabay.com.

D. All email forwarding aliases adopted by almabay.com users are subject to approval by respective institutes.

E. Almabay.com is not responsible for screening communications in advance, and will not routinely monitor the use of the alumni websites. However, reserves the right to reorganize or delete any postings or add and remove message board topics. Notes posted to the message boards will remain for 30 days, after which they may be deleted. Alumni users may report any abuses or misuse by contacting the Help Desk. If AlmaBay determines that a user's participation creates a risk of liability that the user has violated the policies set forth herein or any applicable laws or regulations, AlmaBay reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to expel a user and deny further access to almabay.com. Almabay.com may deny access to any individual at any time. Participation in almabay.com is a privilege.

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