A Travelling the memory lane is an instant mood-lifter. Let AlmaBay help you make those nostalgic moments a part of today. Yes! We are Alumni coordinators and it is our job to simplify the entire process of gathering large numbers, coordinating events, putting together the memorabilia as well as look into the nitty gritties of absolutely successful reunions. Other than the event, the Alumni body wants continuous association with the institute, current students as well as each person wants to keep up with his/her personal friends. We ensure an open platform for discussions as well as private space for ol’ time’s sake.

It was at an IIM Alumni meet in Singapore that the idea of AlmaBay germinated when we realized that though we were such a vibrant and enthusiastic lot, yet lots was amiss. To know the name of your roommate’s kid, or whether the nerd from class is really shining bright etc., we decided that an Alumni organization was the need of the hour. We make certain that you are able to network on both social as well as professional fronts. Increasing contacts and keeping in touch is name of the game today. Yet, it is arduous for busy people to take time off from their schedules to manage Alumni work. This is where we step in and take over your entire headache.

AlmaBay deals with only the best whether it comes to event planning, fundraising or the design for the memorabilia. You could be sitting in New York or Sydney, and your entire event will fall smoothly into place. The customised or readymade gifts are couriered at your doorstep, all intricacies of planning is done online as per your instructions and desires; you have to simply spruce up and enjoy your time with old friends and their families. Also, the institute looks up to its Alumni for help and guidance. We are the perfect go-betweens for efficient operations on all fronts. With AlmBay in your life, you will sense the difference from then and now. Get in touch today and enjoy friends and teachers forever on!

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