How AlmaBay Can Help You?

Benefits for Alumni And Students

Why should you have or register on an Alumni Network?

You and your fellow alumni are emotionally connected and would always be ready to help each other and your almamater. Almabay helps form, strengthen and nurture the alumni networks. Almabay helps you:


    Connect with Your Ex-Batch Mates

    Register and browse profiles and get to know what your fellow alumni are upto. Get connected through our social networking tool and get to know each other. Join your Alumni group and start a discussion.


    Relive your Memories

    Share your memories and relive them. Share your pictures and videos and relive old days among your friends.


    Leverage your Network And Grab opportunities

    Search people by Company, Profession and Location. Find Them on Google maps. Post jobs, seek advice, request mentoring. Register to Grab opportunities.

Benefits for Schools & Colleges

Why should you build and invest in an Alumni Network?

Alumni share a strong emotional bonding and are always looking for channels to connect and give back to their almamater. Almabay enables a healthy alumni network that will help you:


    Create and Maintain an Updated Database

    Alumni Profiles synced with Facebook & Linkedin. Get an updated database.


    Raise Funds For Your Almamater

    Create fundraising campaigns and collect donations for various initiatives in the institution. Sell Official Memorabilia through the integrated Store to raise additional funds.


    Boost Placements Through Referrals

    Search Alumni by Company and Role. Alumni can help to boost job and internship opportunities for the current students. Also, Alumni can be mentors to students and also be invited for guest lectures. Effective alumni engagement enhances overall student development.

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Who is Using AlmaBay?

30,000 Alumni & 40 Institutes use AlmaBay to stay connected.
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