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AlmaBay is a fastest growing edtech company it is the brain child of a like-minded group of IIM A grads alumni. Having served our respective fields for more than 20 years, We aim to provide products that facilitate a professional approach to provide greater interactivity and make learning a simple Process. We provide our customers with a vast range of hardware and software solutions like Interactive digital panels, digital teaching devices, video conferencing solution, video walls, digital podiums, alumni engagement solutions, training and placement solutions, digital signage solutions, AR & VR solutions for classroom, corporate and government uses. We are focused on serving our nation by making world class technology products in India and offering them to the world. Our state of the art manufacring and reserch facilities in collaboration with top Ed-tech companies across the globe make products which make education and learning more effective with vision to make Inida a technology and knowledge hub, we work tirelessly towards excellence.

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Our Products

We have most comprehensive range of products and services to provide 360 degree
solutions to our clients everywhere.

Interactive Flat Panel Display

AlmaBay Interactive panel is a powerful touch monitor, it is a versatile tool that can revolutionise display, Interaction, Learning and Transmission of Knowledge. It allows a perfect view for interactive presentations/teaching, that are easy to use. All our panels come in True UHD / 4K resolution, modern design, metal frame, rounded corners, multiple Input/output ports. Built-in android player to surf the web and use any app, it is also having OPS / PC Slot for Pc based applications. All are panels are loaded with most powerful Interactive annotation and Learning software to make teaching, training, presentations and learning effective and simple

Video Conferencing Solution

Alma bays Video conferencing cameras allows multiple people to meet and collaborate face to face long distance by transmitting audio, video, text and presentations in real time through the internet. We are providing the Video Conferencing Camera for every field like Corporate, Education, Health, Training and Streaming. Our core competency lies in a deep understanding of the industry user needs. To fulfil the needs of the A/V industry, we deliver the USB/HDMI/SDI based up to 4K UHD PTZ video conference cameras. We have latest range of Conference room cameras, All in one Video Bar, Video conferencing camera system, portable camera and speakerphones. Our best in Class Video Conferencing Cameras are Compatible with the majority of cloud based videoconferencing software

Electronic Lectern

Almabays digital podium is a complete solution for any classroom, boardroom / training room and auditorium. It has a built-in sound system (amplifier, gooseneck Mic wireless microphone, etc. Digital podium is an all in one multimedia presentation device. With its easy to use motorized tilt touchscreen, it's never been more convenient to work through a presentation.

Digital Kiosks

Digital Kiosks are basically digital indoor freestanding display screens with concise design and reliable performance. It makes communication and advertisement more impressive and brings the content to life aided by its cutting-edge resolution.

Display Solutions

We have state of art display solutions for indoor and outdoor applications, i.e televisions, commercial displays, video Wall LED/LCD etc. These screens are known for concise design and reliable performance, is a perfect solution for advertising and public services. One doesn’t need to worry about its capability and flexibility since it is going to be applied for office receptions – waiting lounges, retail, banquets, restaurant, education, finance, Healthcare and transportation. You can display anything you choose to form news channels, digital images, video, streaming media, web pages, weather data, restaurant menu, text, twitter feeds, banners, photographs for advertisements.


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